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donate your car to help:

US relies on 381,000 US and kidney disease worldwide is a major health problem

Altering the list of alternatives dropped over 88,000 people to keep the machine alive and keep the kidney. Latest

Studies show that acute kidney disease is increasing and 26 million Americans (CKD).

Unless the kidneys actually fail, do not show signs until then, so many people do not take many steps to protect health

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Your donation is well spent with the National Kidney Foundation. Trust get more than 81 cents for every dollar

Important programs include direct services, including:

The Vancouver fire and rescue members, including the task of cars went to donate kidneys to use the equipment

Based on Canada’s Kidney Car Project, the foundation has been able to donate them to such unwanted cars with the main

Minimum $ 300 tax receipt, and vehicles are recycled. So when around 150 cars are set up in a year

Time will come, you have to save the life that everyone knows

Enjoy this Christmas Kidney Foundation donation donation. BC Percentage per element implants

The kidneys, but those in need of Tronsplant are on the waiting list list. Now, 516 British Columbians

Life is waiting for a second chance

Buying a new car? Get old one? Your only option is to work with both Tikef charity donations

Depending on your car, it gives you a minimum of $ 500 deductible for each successor (or more

), And the net income of the Tennessee Kidney Foundation in favor of our programs.

By donating your car, you avoid a used vehicle selling headaches. Donation more than whether the vehicle is running or not

Donations can help with donations. In such cases, our donors appreciate the desire to appreciate our goal.

You can click on the link provided in the vehicle donation form

All kidneys cars donors receive a kid’s car acknowledgment of their car, but donate

During this particular campaign, they will receive a $ 300 loan to buy a car

The Canadian Kidney Foundation supports and the best company for making $ 150 cash donations

Camping experience for kidney patients

Together with partners, the Kidney Foundation works to reduce kidney disease. None

One of the patients treated with kidney disease is to be treated with dialysis, to clean the blood procedure

Machine, or implants. In Ontario there are more than 1,000 people advocating on behalf of the present kidney transplant

Nearly two-thirds of the donation waits list on the entire joints.

“Businesses are looking for new ways of being in similar organizations,” said Melissa Pladino, the kidney

Car Development Officer “is a great way to extend the car’s largest volunteer car in the campaign

Increase funding for people with dysfunction and kidney disease in Canada. Companies may increase

Provides awareness of their social responsibility and a service that needs our many clients at the same time

Now the vehicles do what is required or less worth. ”

It can be anything that helps even a car kidney disease, considering your charitable needs! National Kidney Foundation

Kidney cars plan and charity auto donation center used cars, lorries and boats. Many charities are your car

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This project is used by Calgary Shepard family and self-service car parts for her large pickup area

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